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What's Fall Without a Pumpkin Patch?

This past weekend my family and I were able to visit an amazing pumpkin patch in Maryland with some very close friends. They are so close that we consider them family, which made our experience there even better. The colors of the leaves, early sunsets, and brisk air of the fall season provide such a great transition from the summer heat to the cold winter that is just around the corner. The kids were able to get on long slides, play on hay, do a corn maze, and of course pick a pumpkin. The adults were able to eat kettle popcorn, cotton candy, and chocolate/caramel covered apples. Watching my son pick his "favorite" pumpkin was interesting because he didn't choose the typical pumpkin, he chose an albino. When I saw him choosing it, one thing came to mind. The pumpkin he picked represented him; he is by no means average. He is special and stands out in a crowd. Our visit to the pumpkin patch was fun, but more importantly, it was reassuring to know that he is confident enough to stand out. Fall is not complete without a visit to the pumpkin patch.

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