• Angel D. Blair

42 Years Into Forever

The last week of October contains a very special day for my family. October 27 marks the wedding anniversary of my parents. My parents have been married for 42 years, which is almost unheard of these days. As my siblings and I congratulated them on reaching such a momentous milestone and thanking them for providing the ultimate example of how true love and marriage should work, they both did something that touched our hearts. They thanked us. Yes, you read that right. After accepting the well wishes, our parents thanked us for being such wonderful children to them on their anniversary. On a day that they should be celebrated for their unwavering love, committment, and adoration for each other they still found a way to make us feel special.

Their love is the reason that we are even here, yet they couldn't resist the urge to shower us with love and praise on their anniversary. Was I surprised at their response? No, not at all, because this was just another example of the love and thoughtfulness that is required to reach the milestone that they have. The genuine love, respect, and appreciation that they have demonstrated throughout the years has created the foundation that my own marriage is built upon. My goal is to one day celebrate 42 years into forever, just as they have. With such a great example, how can I fail? Thank you mom and dad for demonstrating the standard. We are so blessed to witness it.



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