• Angel D. Blair

Wingless Angels

Within the last month, my family has loss 2 amazingly powerful women. It is always difficult to find the “right words” to say when dealing with the passing of loved ones from the world that we know. What I am convinced of is the fact that words alone are never enough. During times like these, those most affected by the loss need family and friends to provide support, strength, and most importantly, love to them. Love them through the pain, despair, hurt, disappointment, and loneliness they may endure along the journey to their new normal. Love, encouragement, an open heart, and a listening ear are critical during this time.

The following poem is dedicated to the wingless angels that we are mourning.

Wingless Angels

Contrary to what you might believe, not all angels come equipped with wings

Our angels came as daughters, mothers, grandmothers and aunts, among other things

They genuinely loved and cared for others in a way that defies what our human minds can comprehend

They gave us a shoulder to lean on, wiped our tears, and our broken hearts they would mend

So graciously they comforted us, gave us advice, and provided an empathetic and listening ear

They encouraged us to realize life’s greatness and escorted us along the way as we faced our fears

They were rare individuals that emanated an honest, loving, and genuine spirit

They knew and longed for God’s love and His kingdom, and did all they could to be near it

More than lucky, we are blessed to have known and had a relationship with these wingless angels of God

Each encounter and each moment that we experienced with them is evidence that wingless angels are not a facade

Angel Blair

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Copyright: Angel Blair 2020