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Everyday Olympians

As the Olympics comes to a close, I find myself thinking about the unity that this grand event has brought. The Olympics could not have come at a greater time for our country. It came at a time where division and tension had become the norm. However, even in that atmosphere, Americans found themselves cheering on the Olympic teams and individuals, regardless of their race, religious or political beliefs, or sexual preferences. Americans were able to look beyond those things, while genuinely and enthusiastically supporting the athlete.

For over 2 weeks, we have looked beyond the superficial and have instead, cheered on and rooted for all Olympians representing the USA. How amazing would it be, if we continued to do this very thing in our personal lives? How phenomenal would it be to receive support and love from our neighbors, family, friends, and even strangers?

The Olympians have taught us that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, hard work, resilience, and at times, even rejection before we reach our personal definition of success. Create your own opportunities and never give up until you are at the top of the podium, holding the gold, and reflecting on the sacrifices you made to get there. Let’s take it upon ourselves to encourage, support, uplift, believe in, and cheer each other on as if each of us are going for the gold with every decision, every move, and every moment in our lives. We can all be champions in life for each other and ourselves.

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