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Costumes and Characters

Today is the first day of October. Almost every store in the United States has started to sell Halloween related items. After being bombarded by candy, costumes, and decorations, I began to wonder about all the work that goes into the holiday. People buy overpriced costumes for their children and/or themselves only to wear them for a couple of hours. They buy huge bags of candy to pass out to children after putting their favorites aside. Some even decorate their front lawns and porches hoping that it is appreciated by trick-or-treaters.

Knowing how much effort some people put into making Halloween "perfect" raises a concern for me. Why is it okay for us to put so much emphasis on pretending to be someone or something other than ourselves on one day of the year, without putting that same effort into becoming who we want to be every day of our lives? We think about every small detail that would make our costume complete. We think about the mannerisms of the person or character that we are portraying and we practice it until it is almost second nature. We should be doing those things everyday, not to be someone else, but to become comfortable being who we truly want to be. For example, one might say that they want to be a nurse or a doctor. Don't just put on a stethoscope and a lab coat. Instead, focus on the details by finding an accredited school, making sure you have the prerequisites done to pursue your goal, and by actively helping people you encounter . Whatever it is you want to do, put in the effort, focus on it, and practice embodying the qualities that will make that dream a reality. Consciously think about who and what you want to be and start perfecting it from the inside out.

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