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Footprints of an Angel

I have always loved writing poetry, but feel most compelled when there is a major event or life change happening. It helps me sort through my feelings in a way that discussing alone won't do. Granny's death was definitely one of those moments and I was honored to be able to writer about her. She was 92 years old, but I still wasn't ready to let her go. Her funeral was today and we celebrated her life in such a way that it comforted us, the family. I felt extremely humbled because Granny used to write poetry as well. This following poem is a tribute to the phenomenal woman that she was.

Footprints of an Angel

How can angels leave footprints when they are equipped with wings

Granny was truly an angel that walked among human beings

We got a glimpse into heaven every time she parted her lips to sing

Fellow angels rejoicing, as she worshipped the Lord, with the spreading of their wings

Our angel was one that constantly showered family, friends, and strangers with her unconditional love

An undeniable love that could only be instilled as a gift directly from the Father above

It’s no surprise that her favorite color was purple, because it represents royalty

Granny was a divine queen that led with honesty, love, compassion, respect, and loyalty

Through trials and tribulations, she was always there to help us get things right

She would worship and praise the Lord all day, then turn around and pray for you all night

Just like Jesus, everyone that knew Lilly B, knew she had a servant’s heart

And the movement of her fingers on the black and white keys was a living work of art

She cared for others and remained kind, even though during her lifetime she endured a lot

Rest assured that she’s walking those streets of gold and worshipping in the presence of God nonstop

Though our hearts may be heavy, we are constantly reminded of her through the lives she’s touched and the beauty that surrounds us

How blessed are we to have witnessed the footprints of an angel that spent 92 years walking among us

Angel Blair


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